Campaign for Universal Peace



A Project


by Peter Kasser, Switzerland





Peace is not a Dream. Peace is a Project.






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The Rules


Our aim is to jointly create a text for a Peace Manifesto. This Manifesto is to describe such state of the world that we would ideally regard as the most beautiful, desirable, peaceful one: a paradise on earth.

To this end I have set up a web site under the title "Peace Manifesto". In its original version, the content of this site simply says: "Peace be with us" - in the form of a parenthesis: as an introduction to the actual text to be, and as a final reconfirmation at the end of the text.

As for the text itself, I should like to create it together with you, dear reader.

Please let me know what you feel should be included in a Peace Manifesto. Tell me what you think of the text as it slowly develops: what should be changed, what is unclear, what could be said in a better way.

Furthermore I ask you contribute with any other kinds of input, like: how shall we proceed, who else could be of any help, who should have a saying in this as well, what other ways and means would exist to get on with the project, and so on, and so on. As for myself, I shall set up a special web site "Help needed" to formulate my own questions and requests or to describe the problems where I need your assistance.

The idea is to finalize the Peace Manifesto within one year, that is until February 1999. After all, at one time or another we want to put it to the vote!




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