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21st May 2023, Havana/Cuba  -  Wishes 19 / 20 / 21

In the name of Peace and Justice.

I have three wishes today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice - in the hope they may be fulfilled. 

My first wish for today is about border conflicts. Border conflicts can lead to war, and we don't want wars, we want Peace. So, my first wish for today is for all the countries of the South American/Caribbean Region to solve their border issues, NOW, once and for all.

These are the ongoing border conflicts in the South American/Caribbean Region today:

1.   NL/FR    Oyster Pond, St.Maarten (already resolved as per 2023?)

2.   DO/VE    Aves Island

3.   VE/GY    Esquiba

4.   GY/SR   Tigri Area

5.   SR/FR    Maroni River (resolved by 2021?)

6.   BR/BO   Isla Suarez and other islands in the Amazon

7.   BR/UY   Arroyo de la Invernada, and Isla Brasilera

8.   AR/UK   Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands

9.   AR/CL    Southern Patagonia

10. VE/CO   Gulf of Venezuela, and Los Monjes Archipelago

These are lots of disputes and risks for armed conflict - these disputes must be resolved NOW!

In the name of Peace and Justice, I'm asking the governments involved to act NOW and resolve these issues NOW!

It's disturbing to see that even today there are still border conflicts going on involving former colonial powers. This is an absurd anachronism, this has to stop!

And this is my second wish for today, addressed to all the people and the governments in the region of the Caribbean: Please draw a final line under the old colonial times, declare your fullest independence from colonial powers (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA), and unite the whole region politically and economically under one single constitution, and one single government!

Of course you will say that's impossible. So many different countries and political entities, so many different cultures, languages, economic systems....

Of course it's impossible. It's like flying to the moon. Even my grandmother knew it's impossible to fly to the moon, what a crazy idea to start with. Until such time when somebody comes along and says, we're going to send our astronauts to the moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Then, all of sudden, it becomes POSSIBLE.

You decide.

Myself, I believe in Peace and Justice, I believe in Paradise on Earth - and I believe in a peaceful independent united prosperous United States of the Caribbean.

And I'm going one step further. And with this I'm coming to my third wish for today.

It is my wish that all of South America, including the United Caribbean, unite politically in every respect, to form one single country, with one single constitution, one single government, one single currency, one single military.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I can assure you: I'm not the only one!

With this I say, in the name of Peace and Justice, thank you!