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Peter Kasser was born in 1949 in Olten/Switzerland. After finishing his high school education at the classical Gymnasium of Solothurn, and completing two semesters of medical studies at the University of Basle, he set out on extensive travels leading to Africa, Asia and Australia, and lasting over a period of several years. After his return to Switzerland, he worked in the tourist industry for 15 years.
In 1995, with Heinrich Verlag & Vertrieb he founded his own editing firm and, in the same year, published his first three literary works, Renz oder Die Reise nach Kukaburu, James-Story, und Faustulus.
Peter Kasser ist married and father of two. He is now living near Basle/Switzerland.


RENZ - Buchtitelgrafik

Renz oder Die Reise nach Kukaburu
Tagebuch eines Aussteiger.

© 1995, Heinrich Verlag & Vertrieb,
ISBN 3-9520796-0-X, 158 pages,
DM/SFr. 29.80

Kassers first work is a fascinating documentation about the act of giving birth to a poet-to-be. In the form of a fresh imaginative journal it describes the curse of the writer who renounces the material world in order to enter the realm of art and fiction, the world of "Kukaburu".

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RENZ - Autorfoto

Klassische Novelle.

© 1995, Heinrich Verlag & Vertrieb,
ISBN 3-9520796-1-8, 93 pages,

The aging book-keeper James has but one fervent desire: to emulate his idol Beethoven... In this tight, accomplished portrait, modelled with light and precise strokes, Kasser paints a moving narrative here that immediately enthrals the reader through both, its brilliantly mirrored psychological deepness as well as the pictorial directness of its sharp, clear observation.

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 Jeams Story - Autorfoto

Roman in drei Teilen.

© 1995, Heinrich Verlag & Vertrieb,
ISBN 3-9520796-2-6, 260 pages,

Third and last part of the RENZ trilogy.
Renz enters a christian college. Soon he feels ensnared by the reigning moral views and the rigid code of communalized behaviour. In an inexorable psychological tensile test he fights for true enlightment and - in the final count - for his own salvation.

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Faustulus - Autorfoto

pflügt der Landmann der pflügt
Erdige Essays I

© 1995+2007 Heinrich Verlag
ISBN 3-9520796-3-6
First published in the internet1997

Idiosyncratic collection of essays about the fundamental conditions of human existence - about god, death, society, values, laws - about civilization and its historic development.

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pflügt - Autorfoto





On 17th February 2010, Peter Kasser published a message here
announcing the coming of the Messiah, the promised Mehdi.

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