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Peace is not a Dream. Peace is a Project.






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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights Internet

Amnesty International

IPB - International Peace Bureau

The Elders - Human Rights group around Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, and others;

Every Human Has Rights

Vision of Humanity -  Global Peace Index:



HAP - The Hague Appeal for Peace



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On Global Governance

ACGC - Action Coalition for Global Change ("United People's Assembly")  

Alliance for a Responsible and United World   

AUD - Association to Unite the Democracies  

AWC - Association of World Citizens  

Charter 99   

Citoyens du Monde  

Commission on Global Governance  

CONGO - Conference of Nongovernmental Organizations  


For a Global Peoples' Assembly. By Andrew Strauss and Richard Falk

Global Policy Forum  

International Network for a UN Second Assembly  

JEF - Young European Federalists /

Millennium Forum  

MPAN Millennium People's Assembly Network  

Philip Isely: Why the UN Must Be Replaced  

State of the World Forum  

The Companion Flag  

WCF - World Citizen Foundation  

WCPA - World Constitution and Parliament Association  

WFA - World Federalist Association (National Organization of WFM)  

WFM - World Federalist Movement  


World Government Articles  

World Government Institute  

World Government Web  

World Service Authority: World-Passport Information  



International Constitutions

World Constitutions

The Constitution of the United States

Constitutions, treaties, and official declarations

Constitutional Preambles

Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World

Special Interests

Abolition 2000

Action Without Borders: Idealist  

Canadian Centers for Teaching Peace  

CICC - Coalition for the establishment of a permanent International Criminal Court  

Council for Global Education

Earth Charter Campaign

Foundation for Global Community  

Futures Trust. Promoting Futures Thinking  

IALANA International Organization of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

IFOR - International Fellowship of Reconciliation  

IGC - Institute for Global Communications /

International Alert

IPPNW International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Lynn Elling: A World Without War

Milenio. Celebrating our Humanity /

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

OneWorld International  

Peace Center Burg Schlaining

Peace Education for Children (including Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes)

Rome Statute: Signature and Ratification Chart

Society of Founders of the International Peace University  

TFF - Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

The Federation of American Scientists  

The NGO Committee on Disarmament (New York)   

The People's Path. North American Indian & Indigenous People  

The Rocamora School, Inc.

UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation  

Women's Environment and Development Organization  



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Earth Channel and the Webstock Whole Earth Festival

Earth Day 2000

Earth Program: Leadership in a sustainable world

Earth Site

False Peace vs True Peace:

June 21 Ceremony

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Transcendental Meditation Program

Millennium Peace 2000 ...Uniting People Into The New Millennium



Peace Process 2001

Peaceguys. Homepage for Peaceday

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Sageplace: BirthQuake - a Journey to Wholeness


Silver Angel Award - gratefully received from Claudette Letendre and her Petit's House, World Harmony & Hug Movement

World Healing

WOW - Wish Only Well!



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