Campaign for Universal Peace



A Project


by Peter Kasser, Switzerland





Peace is not a Dream. Peace is a Project.






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The Peace Manifesto


Peace be with us.


Spirit of Peace

Peace is to smile at the world, taking good care of the animals, the trees, the lakes...
We like peace because we like the world.
We need peace in order to feel safe.
Inner peace is necessary.
We should contribute to global peace not just keep it inside us.


Food, Drinking Water

No-one should go hungry.
There is no peace if one single person goes hungry in this world.
Everybody shall have daily access, in sufficient quantity, to clean water and food. 



Everybody deserves to have the best medical attention.
Addiction shall be recognized as a disease to be treated, not as a crime to be punished.



Everyone deserves decent, warm shelter.



The principle of equality, in every respect, between all the people of the earth is irrefutable.
Material wealth shall be divided equally among the people of the world.


Family, Woman, Child

Man and woman have equal rights.
Let us give peace to the children, they are the future of the world.
Every child has the right to be officially registered at birth.


Schooling, Personal Development

Equal access to information shall be available to every person.
All individuals have the right to act and appear as they choose, as long as the freedom of their compatriots is not infringed.
We want that ideas, knowledge, dreams and conceptions, as well as goods and services, can all be shared without restrictions.


Freedom of Movement, Transportation

We want a world where an individual can move freely, without having to justify himself, and without fear of detainment or deportation.


Political Rights

We are the world, and we have a big voice and a big say in what should be done.
Everyone should be able to have a fair say.
We have to tell our governments what we want and how we want it.


Nationalism - Internationalism

Every single person has the right of belonging to a nation. At the same time, he automatically obtains the citizenship of the world at birth.
A nation can be built, and its borders can be defined,  only with the consent of all of its citizens, and with the consent of all of their neighbours.
Any community, big or small, has the right of creating its own nation.


Social Unity

The unity of mankind must be recognized: the human race is one and single.
No matter who and where we are we should live in peace and harmony.
We have to understand and accept each other's way of life, and not succumb to envy.
We have to help people in need.
We are committed to creating a world where everybody wins.


Nature and Environment

When we understand nature - and accept the fact that we are part of it - then there will be peace.
We want a clean, balanced, and uncorrupted environment.


Military, Armaments

Where there's peace there's no war.
We seek a life without violence.
We want armies with no guns, soldiers that are not here to fight but to help people in need.


Conflict Resolution

We live in a world of opposing views; peace is to accept that we must never try to force our opinion on others.
In a situation of opposing views, never shall any kind of violence be employed, neither the threat nor the use of it.
Peace is to let go of one's pride so there may be compromise.
Communication, tolerance and understanding are the basis for resolving situations of conflict.



Peace means to say sorry, and ask for forgiveness. It means to make up for all the bad things that have been done.

Peace be with us.

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Last Update: 06-June-2001 A.D.


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