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30th April 2023, Copenhagen/Denmark - Wishes 7 / 8 / 9

In the name of Peace and Justice.

I have three wishes today, which I present to you in the name of Peace and Justice - in the hope they may be fulfilled.

My first wish for today is about border conflicts. Border conflicts can lead to war - and we don't want wars, we want peace. So, border conflicts need to be resolved, the sooner the better. Border conflicts need to be resolved NOW!

In Western Europe, these are the ongoing conflicts, with the countries involved:

1. GB/IRL Rockall Island - silly rock in the middle of nowhere
2. GB/IRL two fjords between Northern Ireland and Ireland
3. D/NL Bay of Dollart
4. F/I Summit of Mont Blanc
5. GB/E Gibraltar
6. E/P Olivenza and some border villages


My wish is for the countries and the governments involved to sit together and find a speedy solution to these disputes NOW.


Which brings me to my second wish for today.

In the past centuries, European countries have fought untold numbers of wars with each other, with millions and millions and millions of casualties. Since the end of WW II, great efforts have been made to make Europe a safer place. Today it can be said that Western Europe is in fact the most peaceful region in the whole world.

Which doesn't mean that we can't go even further.

My wish is that Western Europe should unite in such a way as to become one single country, with one single constitution, one single government, one single parliament, one singe common currency, one single military institution.

You remember my wish number 6 where I asked Switzerland to work out a comprehensive European integration plan from a Swiss perspective. Well, this time I'm asking the (Western) European nations to do the same, from the point of view of core European countries, including of course Great Britain, the four EFTA member states, as well as European microstates.

We can then sit together and discuss an ideal compromise, the most promising version for the creation of a brand-new United States of Western Europe.


And with this, I'm coming to my third and last wish for today.

You see: if Switzerland is going to introduce an unconditional basic income scheme (as I suggested in my wish number 5), there's really no reason why the rest of Europe shouldn't do the same. In every region, and in every today's country, it is possible to calculate the local  basic financial needs per person, the locally applicable poverty line - and, based on these costs, introduce a UBI scheme that covers all the basic expenditures for everybody to live a decent life, without poverty.

We want a Europe without poverty!

It will be up to European societies at large to discuss ways and means how to narrow the gap between different levels of poverty lines in the future - ideally, I think, it would make sense to even out the UBI's within Europe to differ by not more than,say, ten percent from one region to the other. 

Such is my third and last wish for today. And with this I say, in the name of Peace and Justice: Thank you!